What to Expect

0 Scientific Sessions

bringing you the latest research developments, and technological advances in chest medicine.

0 Invited Speakers

presenting in person at Volvo Congress Centre Palazzo dei Congressi Bologna in Bologna, Italy.

0 Simulation Courses

providing practical training on the most contemporary techniques for chest diseases treatment and management.

0 Halls

with exciting keynote sessions, panel discussions, e-poster presentations, symposia, and industry sessions.

CHEST Congress 2022 will be the first in-person meeting on chest medicine in a long time, and it will be a one to remember! In partnership with the Italian delegation, the CHEST Congress 2022 will deliver relevant, engaging content from world-renowned faculty, bringing you the latest advancements in chest medicine.

At CHEST Congress 2022 we will connect, share and learn:

  • Expand your knowledge with the latest scientific content and technological advancements in chest medicine. Be а part of a strong theoretical framework offering an insight into mechanisms of action and proven therapies for patient care.
  • Take part in exciting keynote sessions, panel discussions, e-poster presentations, symposia, industry sessions, and many more. Join efforts with other professionals and give your input into shaping the future of chest medicine.
  • Review research through abstracts and case reports. Discuss researchers’ findings with your colleagues, share feedback, and make an impact on the scientific community.
  • Meet the experts, and network with international practitioners, researchers, colleagues, and industry representatives. Share social and professional experiences, discuss real cases, and emphasize the value of education and knowledge exchange.
  • Visit the exhibition area to meet industry representatives from chest medicine. Explore the latest industry advancements and learn about current technological developments.
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  • Travel to Bologna to break out of your daily routine, to get inspired with new ideas, and to discover the amazing touristic sight of Italy`s gastronomic capital.